Run From the Crazy-Makers!

Do you know anyone in your life’s circle who does things and you think, “That is just crazy!” ???

Let me give you an example:

You are ‘friends’ with this person and they tell you how much they like to go out and do things with you. They laugh with you and tell you how much fun you are. They compliment you and really seem to enjoy your company. 

Next time you do something with them or approach them to do something, they are very cold. They say ‘yes’ and then don’t show up. They begin to not respond to your texts or messages. 

Then, the next time you go with them, they are back to the way they were in the first instance. Laughing, joking and seeming to enjoy your company 

These people and those like them are crazy-making!! Ditch them fast and don’t look back. They like to make you believe that the reason for their nutsy behavior is you!! RUN and don’t stop until you are far from them!! They put you through hell. Life is too short to experience these people. 

Been there, done that


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