Home Wrecker?

I’ll never forget a pastor’s wife who came up to me….TWICE (separated by about 6 months) ..and had the nerve to imply that I had broken up my spouse’s first marriage 36 years ago. The truth? I met my husband three and a half years AFTER his divorce. His first wife had divorced HIM because she found a new man for her life. I had no part in their divorce and knew neither of them at the time they were married.

This same woman came up to me within two months that I had gone to her pastor spouse who was now a professional counselor. (I had paid him nearly $500 for counseling at $100/hr)  She started discussing the SAME TOPIC that I had shared with her spouse. I had trusted that what I told him was confidential !!!!! I couldn’t believe it. I felt betrayed TWICE… First, by the pastor counselor and then by his wife who scornfully put me down and she obviously didn’t know the full story. Finally, after 4 instances of her coming around and trying to get more information, I wrote her a formal email asking her never to talk to me about that topic again…she could talk to me about anything else but that topic. That put an end to those conversations!!

I am through with this couple and will never, ever go back to either of them with ANY information. These two instances made me so angry, because what could I do?? She already had formed her own opinions and I could no longer trust either of them… Sickening. Absolutely sickening..


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