Senseless Hatred and Bigotry and Murder in Kansas City


The three shootings yesterday in Kansas City at the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom were senseless. Allegedly, a bigoted felon with a loaded gun shot three innocent victims on these properties. He was from southwest Missouri.  At JCC a grandfather had taken his 14 y/o grandson to try out for a theater production. Both were gunned down with a rifle. At Village Shalom, a mother of 3 children was killed in her car as she went to visit her mother who was a resident of the Village. None of these victims were Jewish which was the intended targets for this man’s hatred.

This alleged shooter had run for office in his town and his ads were so bigoted that the paper would not print them.

You can read about the shooting here:

Hatred never has a good outcome whether it be bigotry, misunderstandings, betrayals, gossip, shunning, hateful words or actions.

What this world needs now are people who take seriously Luke 6:31. Love needs to be what we practice. Always

This is a picture of the 14 y/o high school freshman who was gunned down yesterday.


picture found on Kansas City Star articles


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