The Antagonizers

There are many stories
recently in the news about bullies and their profoundly negative impact on
others in our society. We may think that bullying is not a good thing and we
would never be bullies.. Yet, all of us have the capability of emotional or
physical violence or bullying against another. It is a part of our being and we
can override it or give in to it. It is a choice that we make to do this
(be a bully) to another human being.

Bullying can be accomplished in one incident or done repeatedly over long
periods of time. We are capable of rationalizing our horrific behavior as we
can believe another is not worthy of our respect. It is an aspect of our
personality which has no love. Bullying can creep into our homes; it does not
only exist in schools. Bullying can be written, verbal or done through our
actions. I have seen husbands bully wives and wives bully husbands. I have seen
parents bully their own children and I have seen children bully their own
parents. I have seen children bully other children. I have witnessed groups of
people bully another group whom they see as different than themselves. Bullying
is disrespect and contempt in varying degrees. Bullying is an attempt to gain
control over another.

Shunning, the silence treatment, a sneer, vitriolic diatribes, shaking a finger
in someone’s face, rolling eyes, a forceful push or hitting or slapping are all
possible forms of bullying. These are all actions which are meant to gain
control over someone else. They are meant to demean someone else.

Bullying is a horrible thing to witness. Bullying is a horrific thing to
experience. When no one speaks up against the bully, permission is symbolically
given to continue this behavior. Have the courage to speak out about this
behavior when you see it. If you do not have courage or would also be at risk,
tell someone in authority. If they will not listen, continue to tell another
until the bullying is stopped.

A bully’s heart is filled with hatred and scorn. Because of his innate fears, he
may encourage others to join him in his game of disrespect and emotional or
physical violence. A twisted pride in the bully’s heart covers his great
insecurities. He fears, thus he lacks humility. His parading bravado covers his
many anxieties. When someone judges another, there is no room for love.   A bully
does onto another before they can do back unto him. A bully has no real courage
but covers himself in his own bravado and contempt for another.

Yet, THERE IS HOPE! A bully’s heart has the capability of being turned by love.
Bullying can be stopped in its track by transforming love. Love is the antidote
in a bully’s heart. Love must replace the contempt, hatred and scorn. Love is
the more excellent way. Always.


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