Finding the Truth in Advertising Claims

The internet has allowed fantastic changes for the consumer. No longer should anyone accept all advertising claims as truth. The advertising claims for any product, whether it be for hotels, restaurants, travel companies, realtors, medical professionals, consumer products, automobiles or service industries and others, can always be checked by a simple perusal of internet reviews. Advertisers can still make any claims in their advertising, but the wise consumer can go to the ‘net to make sure that their claims are true.

Using the resources on the internet is an amazing way that consumers may now let their money do the talking which only benefits us in better products and services. The consumer who goes to make any significant purchase who ignores the internet reviewer is only selling themselves short.  The increased competition resulting from keeping the advertisers honest can only benefit the consumer.

The biggest debacle in American products occurred several years ago when American automobile manufacturers’ big head sought to make inferior products which would require constant replacement of parts, thus widening their bottom line of profits. This back-fired on them as foreign automobile manufacturers were more than ready to offer their products for American consumption. Americans turned toward more reliable products and turned their backs on their own because of product quality. Having stayed loyal to American auto manufacturers, I personally suffered through inferior auto parts for years. Now, and maybe too late, American automobile manufacturers woke up and smelled the coffee as Americans fled from their showrooms. American automobiles have a much better track record for quality now when their greedy hands were met by less and less business. Thank goodness that Americans benefited greatly from improved products and improved automobile quality. Many “American” autos are now manufactured outside the USA.

I believe the internet will enable competitive improvement in service and product lines across America. And, I’m lifting my glass to that!

Always, always give feedback online regarding inferior products or service and excellent products or service. This can only benefit us all!


PS I recently had a new hot water heater installed. I called the same national company who had given us our first one and a serviceman did appear. Unshaven. In a rush. Tried to sell me something I didn’t need. Rude.  Set up appt for the install a week later and then called the company and cancelled and told them why I was not going to buy the $1200 installed water heater from them. Turned to a company who had recently done some plumbing work for us. Courteous.Professional.Priced similarly. They installed the new water heater the very next day. Case closed. Customer Service made the difference! I’ve told everyone about it who will listen.


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