Getting Back Up

There are times in our lives when things are going gloriously well and we have not a care in the world. Then, reality hits and we are exposed to challenging times which we’d just as soon avoid at all costs.

These challenging times remind me of my young childhood when I was 6 or seven years old. We were given an inflatable clown nearly as tall as we were which was weighed down by a circle of sand on the bottom. I remember punching this clown and it just popped back up.

Getting back up after a challenging altercation from life is not quite as easy. Rejection, serious illnesses, life crises, divorce, betrayal, deaths of loved ones, harsh words, demotions and other parts of life that we’d just as soon forget give quite the blow to our psyche. We get up slowly and try to feel confident and less vulnerable once more. It’s rarely an immediate rebound. These things take time.

But, rebound we must. Time and our faith in God, friends and supportive family members and distraction and forgiveness and, sometimes, even therapy are all great healers. Our psyche must rebound and leave that vulnerable state so that we can face whatever life brings our way once more. When we do not rebound, we remain vulnerable and unable to learn lessons from these events in our life.

I have confidence that you can rebound . I know you will recover from these blows to go on and be the best you can be. Millions of others have been in that same dark place and have recovered. They just don’t always share their vulnerable parts with you.. But, when they have lived any time on earth, they have all experienced this. .

Next time you are hit by one of life’s many blows, recall the rebounding clown For all of us can come back and be even stronger than before!!!


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