Is There A Downside to Kindness?

Loving kindness, caring and giving are wonderful goals to set in life. Continue practicing these things. And add a healthy respect of others with these goals.

Don’t be foolishly kind. Not everyone is going to be kind, caring or giving in return nor will they hesitate to take advantage of you or even crush you emotionally or physically. They are wolves in sheep clothing. These people are anywhere…at school, at church, at home or in the community. I’m sure you know that not everyone wishes the best for you. Hopefully, your contact with these types of people will be limited, but be aware that they are out there!

Be smart. Establish healthy boundaries to protect yourself. Be assertive in speaking for what you need. Don’t hesitate to walk away from a dangerous or unhealthy situation or relationship. Continue being kind as this is an admirable goal. No one said you had to be a kind martyr.
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