The Fragility of Life and What To Do About It!

Didn’t I say that we often save the best and dearest memories and kind words for a funeral?? Don’t do that. Go tell those who are closest to you just how much you believe in them and love; today. Don’t wait until their funeral because they won’t be there to hear your compliments.

These past two months, two of my spouse’s boyhood friends had life-threatening heart attacks…and they survived. Just a huge reminder that none of us are going to live forever, that life can change in a moment, and another reminder to spend your time with all of those in your life’s circle making GREAT memories with them. SKIP the anger, bitterness, scorn, gossip and shunning…what a waste of time!!! Life is short. Love others (everyone) to your fullest effort….and never, ever forget it!!

In my lifetime, I have had this fragility of life reinforced time and time again. The first time is when my kind best friend died at age 30 of lung cancer (she was not a smoker); the second time was when my 40 y/o brother in law died of cancer; the third time was when my 19 y/o niece died suddenly/unexpectedly; the fourth time is when my stepkids’ mom recently died of cancer and the last time was when my own mom fell down her basement stairs striking her head on the concrete never to wake up again. I have learned how important it is to love and be loved…to love others freely…to forgive others when they do indescribably bad things to us… and to never, ever see love as something to be looked down upon or shunned or ignored or as something twisted. I do tell others when they are significant to me—it has only backfired once and I’ll never forget that story. ever

PS  Don’t miss this YouTube video


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