The UK Hat Style

A week or two ago, I went shopping with our daughter for a fascinator. Yes, a fascinator….one of those smart little hats that the Brits are so famous for wearing. We found several fascinators at Dillard’s… They were fun to try on!.

Back in the 50’s and 60’s, my mom had a total of nearly 20 hats. She wouldn’t be caught dead in public without a hat. I remember she kept several of them in hat boxes on the top shelf in the closet. Nearly everyone went to church in those days and every woman had lots of hats. I even got a new hat for me every Easter. Hats (and even gloves) were considered to be a social necessity.

This social norm has pretty much faded from the USA. Hats are sold in some stores, but I’d bet that most women have very few hats. However, watching the Royal weddings and other formal occasions in Great Britain, it appears that formal wear and hats are still in vogue there.

When our daughter bought the fascinator for a wedding she will attend this spring, I tried on a few myself. Some were so cute. I thought about buying one….but, no, decided I’d prefer the status quo, hatless !!
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