A Well-Lived Life

Aim for a life well-lived. Fill it with the people who love and support you. Step away from those who do not. Spend time in doing things you enjoy. Make goals and move toward them. Learn from your mistakes and try to do better next time. Minimize your stress and maximize your joy. Praise the One who created you and loves you.

If your life is not really where you want it at this time, set small goals to get it back on track. This is your life’s ship and you can steer it where you want to. Old parental tapes which were not helpful, past failures and hardships can propel you to a better you. Make your life what you want it to be. Live fully. Make a positive difference in the lives of those who surround you. 

A life is a terrible thing to waste. Make your life all it can be and begin today. Hey, what are you waiting for??
Note: The first week after I became a RN, I remember talking to 3 elderly patients. Every single one of them had regrets..they didn’t marry their true love, they never reconciled with their brother, they failed to get their HS diploma. I vowed then and there, to work on not having any regrets in my life…mistakes?..quite a few, but I’ve tried to overcome the regrets and move on.. This is what inspired me to write this…I don’t want to feel that I haven’t lived my life fully when I get older. Or, I’ll die trying.
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