Loneliness, Isolation and the Tech Generation

Loneliness, Isolation and the Tech Generation

The following may not reflect your life or living situation at all, but as I talk with more and more people I am discovering many DO live life more or less alone. Social media, technology of the past 50 years and our mobility have the potential to separate us rather than draw us together..

Just for grins:

1.Name 4 families who live near you in your neighborhood.

2.How many people, other than from work, do you regularly socialize with?

3.Who is your best friend?

4.How many times in a week do you actually get on the phone to just talk tosomeone about the day’s events, worries or concerns, or the joys of your life?

5.Do you tell anyone your deepest secrets? Your joys? Your concerns?

6.How much ‘alone time’ do you spend watching television, listening to your mp3 player, playing computer video games, texting, emailing,  watching movies or surfing the internet?

No doubt about it, more and more people are not only alone in this life, but arelonely.  We can be around other people or our spouse or acquaintances and still belonely. Gone are the days of going to the town square to see and be seen. Wetend to live our lives in our own cocoon and rarely ask about others’ concerns.  We are a mobile society which frequently moves to other towns or states or countries. We limit long-term relationships because of divorce, mobility or distrust of others. Many of us don’t have any long-term relationships or tend to forget to nurture the ones we do have.

Our culture’s pride is on working hard..long hours at work…. which leaves little time for family or friendly relationships, relaxation or play. We are proud of our work and no play. Our employers encourage us to get ‘er done!!  But, at what cost??

We limit our interactions with others to “hi’ and “bye” and “great to see you” and “call me sometime” and we barely mean it. We go 1000 miles a minute and forget how rewarding it is to love and be loved, to laugh, to share experiences or to be human and relate to one another.

We are American robotons and we could do this better.

This image may be subject to copyright. minted.com Kirsten Arianna Applebee

This image may be subject to copyright. minted.com Kirsten Arianna Applebee

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