Seen on PostSecret this week.

Seen on PostSecret this week.

I wonder why this person is not willing to forgive another. It may be too early; It may be an extreme betrayal; It may be a result of a crime; This person must really be hurting. We don’t know the reason for this PostSecret.

At any rate, I’ve been at that point when I experienced what I considered extreme betrayal by members of our church. I take full responsibility in my role in these circumstances. After a year of Hell and now, more than 3 years after the betrayal, I HAVE chosen to forgive a pastor, a pastor’s wife, choir director and several choir members. I am forgiving them not because what they did was not was grievous and malevolent and evil…but I am forgiving them so that I stop thinking about the betrayal and move forward with my life. Forgiving is removing ME from their lives/situations so I can go on and grow.

There are many wonderful people in this world. I can leave these cruel people behind. Justice will be served by God and I am grateful for that.

I am free of bitterness and anger. I am grateful. I am growing again. I am laughing again. This is what I hope that the person who created this PostSecret can eventually do. It will free this person to live fully again, without the chains of anger and bitterness.

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