Rejection is something which many have experienced. It feels so personal, never impersonal. Rejection splits open your chest and slashes your heart. It bruises your very essence and leads to questioning of your own worth. 

It is especially painful whenever the one doing the rejection is someone you value. 

Those who have gone through a lost love, a divorce, been the non-favored child, been the one overlooked for a promotion or summarily laid off or dismissed know how this rejection feels.  Many have felt this sting and it may feel hopeless for a while.

I have noticed that some who are rejected never quite get over it. They are consumed in sadness or anger or bitterness. These emotions make you re-live this pain on a daily basis.  Beating up oneself over and over for a great length of time is not productive. No one should live this type of life sentence. Recognizing one’s part in the former relationship’s demise, learning from it and moving past it…. frees you to be happy once more.

There is a great potential for mending your slashed heart and of moving on. Learning from the rejection experience can lead you onward to greater openness toward others and greater kindness and understanding toward others in your life. Greater empathy can result from this life event, when you allow it.

This hope is the sunny side of rejection recovery. It’s a re-birth and renewal. It feels good to be a survivor of rejection. Good in picking up your slashed heart, holding it gently in your open hands and placing a wiser and warmer heart within your chest.  Recovering, we are free, then, to enter into new relationships and the joy they may bring.

Forgiveness is a way to move on after rejection. Forgiveness does not give the rejector a free pass or absolve their part in the pain. Forgiveness allows the rejected one to stop being forever connected with the one who rejected them. It frees you to move forward beyond the pain.

Have you ever been rejected by someone significant in your life? It is never the end of the world. You can heal from rejection. 

Remember: Endings are always beginnings. 


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